A Gallery of Dogs!

The photographer Antoine Schneck is exhibition giant portraits of the dogs of powerful French movers and shakers. Leur Chien (Their Dog) takes a lighthearted look at what the pooches of France’s social elite might say about their owners.

Many of the dogs belong to politicians or businesspeople, but France’s actors were also represented, with canines belonging to cinema stars Isabelle Adjani and Daniel Auteuil on show.
About a third of the dogs were also the pets of ordinary people who Scheck met in the street.

“The idea was to do a portrait gallery from the point of view of dogs,” said Claude Anthenaise, the curator of the Musée de la Chasse in the historic Le Marais district that is hosting the show.

Wandering around the gallery is a slightly unnerving experience, with the the giant faces of 68 dogs, one domesticated wolf and a lone cat staring out at at the visitor.

The exhibition runs until September 26

Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature
62, rue des Archives

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