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Welcome to Art Home (pronounced arôme) – the ultra-cool temporary restaurant on the top floor of the Palais de Tokyo.

Art Home is a story of multiple artists with a common ambition to create unforgettable experiences around food. To make their passion a reality, Electrolux together with contemporary art centre Palais de Tokyo, then joined forces with contemporary artist Laurent Grasso and culinary director Gilles Stassart.

Here the guests will get an opportunity to witness culinary and architectural creativity at its most impressive – all framed by the magical skyline of Paris. Renowned chef Giles Stassart and his team will bring to life exceptional cuisine in Nomiya; an architectural space from the imagination of artist Laurent Grasso.

To say it’s exclusive is something of an understatement – Nomiya seats only twelve people. But those fortunate twelve will have experienced something truly memorable.

13 Avenue du Président Wilson

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