Situated on a hill and home to one of the city´s two chinatowns , Belleville is a multi-ethnic neighborhood who is becoming trendy with hip bars, restaurants and clubs.

The iconic French singer Édith Piaf grew up there and, according to legend, was born under a lamppost on the steps of the Rue de Belleville.

Canal St-Martins is west of Belleville and lined with bo-bo (bohemian bourgeois) chic cafées and boutiques and criss-crossed with picturesque bridges.

canal-st-martinCanal St-Martin
Cruise, bike  or take a charming walk along the canal.
The 2 1/ 2 hour cruise take you through the tunnel starting at Bastille, and up to La Villette, climbing the series of lock as the hill rises and gives you a completely different perspective of the canal.

The canal harbours off beat designers and vintage boutiques, specially on the northern stretch of rue Beaurepaire and along the quays.

park-de-bellevilleParc de Belleville
At the top of this little known park, you will get one of the best panoramas of Paris. It´s the highest park in Paris. There is a small vineyard growing pinot meunier from Champagne and chardonnay from Bourgogne which is terraced down the slopes. Early morning you can see Chinese men & women practise t´ai chi.

belleville-walkingCa Se Visite! Belleville walking tours
Get the inside tips from the locals and join them for 2 1/2 hour “urban discovery tour” through Belleville.

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