Breakfast Galore

Petit dejeuner is usually defined as the typical French breakfast and consists of one or two croissants or a tartine (baguette with butter and jam), a glass of fresh juice, and of course, the ubiquitous café au lait – also called café crème.

Top your petit dejeuner off with a boiled egg or an omelette to hold you over a little longer.

Breakfast in Paris is best enjoyed at a sidewalk café where the ambiance of this amazing city adds wonderful flavor and color to your morning.

To save money, you can also buy your croissants from a local bakery and your coffee to go (à porter) and enjoy your petit dejeuner on a bench overlooking the river Seine.

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  1. OJOJ sjukt bra nu måste jag glo igenom hela din sida:P flyttar snart till paris :D WOHOHO

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