Follow Rose, Visit Paris

Don´t miss the bizarre, provocative and poetic photo exhibition by Bettina Rheims and Serge Bramly.

It tells the story of B. searching for her twin sister Rose, who has purportedly disappeared. B., as she conducts her investigation int the whereabouts of Rose, takes on a succession of disguises, a Japanese knitter, a blind accordion player, a lead showgirl.

An unusual, intimate portrait of Paris is seized to the beat of a screenplay conceived by Rheims and the writer Serge Bramly. The pair invites us on a somewhat surrealist journey complete with intrigue and symbolism into a Paris at times nocturnal, mysterious and mystical.

The exhibition ends 11 July.

Bibliothèque Nationale de France Richelieu – Louvois
58, rue de Richelieu

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