Hidden Hotel


The Hidden Hotel, built in 2009 with the idea of “Respect and Love for the environment” in mind, offers a clever combination of materials, colours and fragrances in a modern yet timeless ambience.

This boutique hotel has attempted to employ only the purest materials in their most natural state. It blends linen with slate, wood, marble, stone, glass and handmade ceramic materials.

The Hidden Hotel also features organic, eco-friendly, ethical and contemporary inspirations in a diverse, sophisticated and well-balanced combination.

The Hidden Hotel
takes particular pleasure in fostering an impression of mystery, helping you discover its most hidden secrets. It tries to awaken the pleasure of discovering concealed wonders: treasures, secret spaces and astonishing multicultural cuisine.

Address: 28, rue de l’Arc de Triomphe
Rates: from €158 for a double room
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No payment when you make the reservation.
You pay directly to the hotel when you check out:)


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