Hotel Le A


So chic…So arty…So design & So home!

Hotel Le A is situated on a quiet street a few blocks from the Champs Elysées and it’s not what you would expect to find in what is known as the Golden Triangle of Paris, an area famous for its designer boutiques and expensive hotels.

Le A is a Marais kind of hotel that happens to be in the 8th. Its design marks a new period in the work of the French designer Frédéric Mechiche, whose style has evolved from a Neo-Classical influence to a focus on modern art. Le A takes the Parisian love of detail and refinement, gives it a shake-up, and employs one artist to furnish the interior as if it were a gallery show.

The 26 arty and comfortable rooms each has different name as if they were part of a poem: “Tremblement de terre” (Earthquake), “Baiser d’arbre”. (Kissing tree)…etc.

Address: 4,rue d’Artois
Rates from: from €199 for a double room
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You don´t have to pay when you make the booking.
You pay directly to the hotel when you check out:)


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