Hotel Le Bellechasse


Hotel Le Bellechasse is the second Paris hotel to be designed by Christian Lacroix and its a further evidence of his flair for interior design. Very popular during  the fashion shows, this reborn former chain hotel is proof that Paris’s comfortable, mid-range townhouses are the happening places to stay rather than the city’s elaborate palaces.

Lacroix clearly had a whale of a time sourcing images from old engravings, paintings and frescoes for his dramatic wall and ceiling decorations, so don’t be surprised if there’s a huge golden sunburst smiling at you from behind the bed, or a Victorian gentleman strolling across the ceiling.

A pair of prancing horses evokes the Tuileries and a menagerie of birds line the stairs down to the breakfast room; a few rooms take a more 1960s aesthetic. The exuberant dash through pattern and colour is invigorating after the tasteful-but-dull browns and greys that dominate so many fashionable hotels, and although the bedrooms are on the small side, you will feel splendidly cocooned by the deep bedding, silky throws, damask chairs and leather desks, or even by the changing coloured-light-washes in the bathrooms.

Address: 8 rue de Bellechasse
Rates: from €229 for a double room
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