Montmartre & Pigalle

montmatreMontmartre – romantic and picturesque with narrow winding streets and on top of all the steps the sugar-white dome of Sacré-Couer. Is the highest point in Paris and give you a fabulous view over the city.
Head for the backstreet of Montmartre where it´s fewer tourist and more quiet and explore deserted squares and narrow alleys. Heda to Rue des Abbesses, rue de Martyrs where you will find a bohemian atmosphere, cafées and quirky boutiques.
Pigalle lies south of Montmartre and is the sin center. The famous Moulin Rouge is here but also a lot of strip clubs, sleaze bars and sex shops.
montmatre-cementeryMontmartre Cemetery is a famous cemetery which is built below street level in the hollow of an old quarry. Nijinsky, Berlioz, Degas, Offenbach, Truffaut, Victor Brauner and cancan star Dalida are all buried here.
20 av Raxchel, access by staircase from rue Caulaincourt
It´s worth a visit for it´s fabulous view over Paris!
Sacré – Couer means sacred heart and it´s a popular place to visit so be careeful with your belongings. There are lof of pickpockets.
35 rue diu Chevalier-de-la-Barre

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