Sleep with Bond in the 007 Suite at Hotel Seven

At Hotel Seven you can enter the high-tech suite designed by french designer Vincent Bastie. A gadget and tech oriented world where you’ll find all the stuff you wish you could afford at home. With an oversized flat panel screen in the room and all the 007 movies at your finger tips, located within the movie player and ready to play, you will probably not have the time to look at much of the other available channels anyways.

And just like Sean Connery, Roger Moore or Daniel Craig lived and loved, join the masculine world of 007. A suite designed to fit the retro look of the peak of James Bond’s career, but hey we’re in 2010 so let’s not spare on the modern gadgets either.

A 60s-70s universe with a retro feel and look. A steambath shower to relax after an intense day. It’s a mans world, live it.

Room rates start at €197, suites start at €637 a night….
20, rue Berthollet –
Hotel Seven opens in April, 2010

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  1. Please not that the design for this room, as well as the Sublime suite were designed by Canadian firm Pappas Design Studio Inc., Montreal, Quebec. Execution and construction were undertaken by french architects. The renderings shown here were produced by talented designer Heather Lewenza.

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